Charities Challenge

CCrunnerssmallCharities Challenge Mission: To Improve Health/Fitness, Reduce Health Risks, and Enhance Disease Management via Goal-oriented *RxExercise Opportunities, Engaging Events & Active Community Partnerships. Because...

There is NO CURE for all the ills associated with lack of exercise except RxExercise!

*RxExercise refers to exercise as powerful medicine, for which there is no medical substitute for all the good, pleasant effects of exercise!

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Upcoming RxExercise, Run/Walk Events:

Sunday, Sept 16, 8 AM - Constitution Day USA 5k

MN State Capitol Memorial Grounds

Saturday, Sept 22, 9 AM - Challenge Aging 5k

2018 RRCA MN State 5k Championship Event

Sunday, Sept 30 - Halfway to St Patrick’s Day 5k

Includes Claddagh Irish Pub & Patio for indoor check-in & post-race reception!

Sunday, Oct 28 - Halloween Fearless 5k

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For more information contact: 612-245-9160;

Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do themselves.”  In this spirit, let’s happily help those we love to fill their daily RxExercise!