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newsmallcclogo Because…“There are NO CURES for all the ills associated with lack of exercise”* 



Charities Challenge Mission: Through ongoing Goal-oriented RxExercise Training Programs, Ambassadorships, Engaging Athletic Events, and Active Partnerships, Improving Health/Fitness and Athletic Performance, Reducing Health Risks, and Enhancing Chronic Disease Management in the lives of more and more active individuals.

CC is an active Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Member Club – Learn more about RRCA Membership Benefits to CC Members.

Whom does CC primarily seek to serve?

  1. All active people to help them stay active.
  2. Active people who, because of an accidental injury or diagnosis of disease, now have a barrier to exercise but want to “Make a Comeback” to active-happy living.
  3. Inactive people who are ready to begin “Taking Steps” to become happily and healthfully active.
  4. Any organization, either for-profit or non-profit organizations, which are actively leading their constituents (executives, staff, volunteers and served communities) in physical activity programs (i.e. health/fitness businesses, athletic/fitness organizations and clubs, and health-related non-profits that are actively leading and providing exercise programs).

What are the CC RxExercise Programs, Services and Events that are achieving the CC Mission?

  1. CC RxExercise Training Times Programs primary purpose is to improve the lives, health and fitness, of our own CC TRAINING Members.
  2.  RxExercise Ambassador Program. Some of our CC members will also step up to be CC RxExercise Ambassadors, fundraising to benefit others with effective exercise leaderships who will thereby live well beyond a variety of special health challenges like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, and depression. Our Teams’ honorees will often be our own CC Teammates. Some will also be recipients of our “Make A Comeback, Kid!” sponsorship program.
  3. “Make a Comeback, Kid” (MACK) Program. Many of our CC Members and CC Friends, our “Challenged Honored Athletes”, are people living well beyond their chronic disease or disabilities challenges because of their RxExercise.
  4. CC Events Activity-oriented RxExercise Events (28 Annual Events) open to all ages and abilities of athletes that celebrate and demonstrate the Power of RxExercise to improve lives and relationships.
  5. A. Life Challenge Series of 5k Events (8)

    B. Holiday Run Series of 5k & 4 Mile Events (12)

    C. Americana Series of 5k Events (2 Events in addition to 4 Combined Holiday Run/Americana Events)

    D. Challenge Indoor Track Series of Events (5)

    E. CC Active Community Partner Events (1)

    Check out the new CC Web Calendar for upcoming events and training times.

  6. CC Active Partner Events CC provides to our Active Partners’ athletic events:
  7. A. Added Participants via our various CC RxExercise
         Education and Promotional Communications Channels

    B. Added Event Workers and CC Race Event Volunteers

    C. Professional Event Management Services including:

      1. Announcing and DJ Motivational Music

      2. Course Management

      3. Timing and Results

  8. CC RxExercise Education. CC communicates, promotes, encourages  appropriate and effective exercise as a significant therapy positively for a wide variety of ills and chronic diseases including, and not limited to,  arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, and depression, benefiting and improving lives every day.

Our health/fitness/athletics certified coaches are experienced with coaching both apparently healthy individuals and those with special health challenges. They are also experienced, successful fundraising-advocates supporting RxExercise relative to the special health challenges and chronic diseases mentioned above.

Charities Challenge annual TRAINING Membership is $150 and includes many member benefits for a full year. Charities Challenge annual Sustaining Membership ($25) Pro-bono memberships are available.

Charities Challenge 2011 Financial Summary Compared with previous years based on Annual Minnesota State Filings

Coach Gary Westlund, ACSM H/FI, Founder & President
GaryWestlund@aol.com, 612-245-9160, www.CharitiesChallenge.org

To Improve Health/Fitness, Reduce Health Risks, and Enhance Disease Management via Goal-oriented RxExercise Training Programs, Engaging Events & Active Partnerships.

*Explore the CC web site to learn more about why “There are no cures to all the ills associated with lack of exercise”, how RxExercise is improving and saving lives every day.