Charities Challenge Race Event Workers (CCREW) Program
Join our Charities Challenge Race Event Worker (CCREW) Volunteers for opportunities to earn a variety of CCREWARDS for volunteering in support of others’ RxExercise at CC Events and CC Active Partner Events.

Calling New CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) to Step Up to Volunteering in Support of Other Athletes!

As someone experienced in road racing or track, move up from only being a participant to also volunteer.

Add to  your being a consumer of racing experiences by becoming also a producer of race events.

Contact Coach Gary via or 612-245-9160 to volunteer soon.


Experienced CCREW volunteer leaders and managers like Coach Jeanne DeMartino, frequent announcer as well as events registrar, pro-timer/scorer Josh Gerber, and Coach Gary, Race Director and photographer, will happily instruct you in any of our race day event management departments:

  1. Set up/take down of supplies, equipment, refreshments
  2. Registration & Hospitality
  3. Course set-up and marshaling and/or lead biking
  4. Timing/Scoring/Awards and finish line management
  5. Announcing/Music Management
  6. Photography
  7. Database, e-communications, and social media management

CC will be keeping record of all our 2012 CC CCREW contributions of talent and time, and CCREWards & RxExercise Ambassador credits you’ve earned.

Depending on the duties you’re performing, each CCREW Member will earn CC CCREW credits ranging from $10-$50 per hour for time and talents services for either CC Events or CC Active Partner Events.


Your CC CCREW Credits can be redeemed for RxExercise related goods/services/parties/travel:

  1. CC Memberships, CC ID wear, Coaching and Training Programs
  2. CCREW Member Parties
  3. Complimentary race events entries to both/either CC and/or our Active Partner Events
  4. Challenge Sportswear Athletic Shoes and Clothing (i.e. New Balance, Training/Racing clothes, Polar Heart Rate Monitors, Thor-Lo socks, etc.)
  5. RxExercise Ambassador Traveling Team Member fundraising credits

Your CCREW volunteer work can even take you steps closer to traveling CC Team-expenses-paid to a Great Ambassador Destination Event in places like Alaska, California, Florida, Ireland, Hawaii, and beyond.

Multiply your CC RxExercise Ambassador Credits. RxExercise Ambassadors can also multiply their fundraising credits by recruiting new CC CCREW Members. For example, you could be earning $100 or more per CC Event if you bring others to join you in your CCREW work at CC or Partner Events. Imagine: Every CC Event could be an occasion to bring you many steps closer to a Great Ambassador Destination as you “Share the RxExercise Challenge”!

Enjoy the online photos slideshows/music memories highlighting the first 6 years of fun and significant-to-RxExercise contributions of CCREW volunteering from 2003 to 2008 at Charities Challenge Race Events Workers (CCREW) Volunteers

About 160 CCREW Members since 2003 that have helped support tens of  thousands of others as they celebrate the irreplaceable benefits of their own RxExercise training in both CC’s Signature Events and CC’s Active Partner Events constituting the best of Twin Cities Area Road Races and Athletic Events.


No other Minnesota Running/Walking Club, Health/Fitness Organization, Event Management Group, or Health-related “Charity” program, develops and sends as many enthusiastic-experienced race event workers to road races and athletic events in support of others’ exercise and racing as does Charities Challenge! Yes, CCREW makes an active difference!

Please notify CC when you’re ready to extend your athletic experiences into 2017 as a CCREW Member, making a huge difference in so many lives today, a difference both in your own life and others lives now!IMG_4647