Challenge Happiness 5k

2015 Challenge Happiness 5k photos slideshow + happy theme music

2015 Challenge Happiness 5k Race Results

13.4.8 challengeHappiness2013sapphirevs2Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 9 AM Start

5th Annual

Challenge Happiness 5k

Actively Pursuing Happiness

Run or walk through beautiful Bunker Hills Park on forested paved park trails certified 5k course with happy family & friends

Beautiful Bunker Hills Regional Park, Andover, MN

Bunker Hills Activity Center Indoor & Outdoor Staging Area

550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304 USATF Certified 5k Course Map MN11071RR

Timed/Scored on a USATF Certified Course

2016 Challenge Happiness 5k Printable Promotional Flier & Entry Form and Online Entry open here soon

The first & only “Happiness” road race in the USA

Read the online inspiring invitation you can send to friends

2014 Challenge Happiness 5k Race Results

2014 Challenge Happiness 5k Inspiring Video

2014 Challenge Happiness 5k photos slideshow + happy theme music

Complete 5k results by Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-90+) Classy commemorative race shirts & race treats for all event participants.

Shirt Pick-up & Race Day Indoor Registration near start/finish opens @ 8 AM.

Race Day Schedule:

7 AM CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) Volunteers begin course set up & indoor registration in Activity Center

8 AM Pre-registered Check-in & Race Day registration opens

8:50 AM Check-in & Race Day registration closes & Go to Start Line for Pre-race Announcements

9 AMStart! 5K RUN & WALK

10 AM Race Results & Recognition posted on site and to internet soon after the race

Post-race gathering fboth indoor and outdoor around gardened Activity Center

10:15 AM CCREW volunteers begin course and finish line clean-up

2013 Challenge Happiness 5k Race Results

2013 Happiness 5k Photos Slideshow + Happy Theme Music

2012 Challenge Happiness 5k Race Results

2012 Photos Slideshow with Happy Theme Music


Question: Why a road race focused on “Happiness”?

Answer: “The happy make the world a better place!” (Dennis Prager) & “Regular exercisers are happier than if they didn’t exercise, and as a sub-population of exercisers (i.e. runners & walkers) are happier than the sedentary, non-exercisers” (CC’s Coach Gary Westlund)

Read more below about the science of happiness & exercise*!


Complete 5k results by Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-90+) and optional Athena-Clydesdale Weight Class Divisions. Classy commemorative race shirts & race treats for all Event participants.

* Why “Challenge Happiness” as a road race theme?

Because how well we each train for and daily conduct our own “Active Pursuit of Happiness” affects our total health, our engagement and enjoyment of life, our creativity & productivity, but also our relationships and positive contributions to our world.

An effective & intentional attention to an “Active Pursuit of Happiness” is an integral part of living a full, satisfying life, despite lifelong challenges which we all will encounter. How & how well we pursue happiness is good for both ourselves and everyone who lives, plays, and works with us.

Imagine the following thesis from the book _ Happiness is a Serious Problem - A Human Nature Repair Manual_

Happiness is an obligation - to Yourself and to Others Not only do we have the right to be happy, we have an obligation to be happy. Our happiness has an effect on the lives of everyone around us - it provides them with a positive environment in which to thrive and to be happy themselves.

CC Coach Gary Westlund invites everyone to join him in making “Happiness” a topic for lifelong study. Coach Gary has found the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) a good resource for finding information about the connection of exercise to many of life’s health challenges, like the link below about research on happiness. Enjoy!

Find time to review this outline of an ACSM Health/Fitness Summit 2012 Presentation: “The Exciting New Research on Happiness”. You’ll want to go for a brisk walk or fast run when you learn about the connection of RxExercise with increased happiness.

Yes, our own “Active Pursuit of Happiness” is good for each of us & perhaps even better for others who “have to” live & work with us.

So, come celebrate the Power of RxExercise to help each of us in our “Active Pursuit of Happiness”.

Everyone will be happy that you did, and you’ll be happier to walk briskly or run fast with others also “Actively Pursuing Happiness”.

You will also go away telling others with a smile that, “I ran/walked in the only “Challenge Happiness” road race in America!