Thanksgiving Day 5K


2018 ThanksGiving Day 5k Race Results

2018 ThanksGiving Day 5k Age-graded Race Results

Soon Find “Miles of Smiles” photos here at Charities Challenge Facebook Group Page

ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k

& 2k Family & Friends Fun Fitness Walk

ThanksGiving Day 5k 11.23.06 214th Annual Active

“Attitude of Gratitude Celebration”

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, Nov 28, 2019

8 AM Start

Arbor Lakes Area of Maple Grove, MN

Claddagh Irish Pub & Restaurant 7890 Main St N Maple Grove, MN 55369

Timed/Scored on USATF Certified Course #MN15009RR - Includes MNROY points reporting

Early Basic Entry $29 - Full Values Entry $39 includes commemorative shirt & breakfast & beer

From Full Values Entry take $5 Discount on entry fee for no commemorative shirt and/or $5 for no Irish Breakfast options

Online registration for 2019 ThanksGiving Day 5k

Thanksgiving Day 5k Printable Flier &  Entry Form here soonIMG_1891

Run or walk around Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove, MN on USATF certified 5k course with family & friends then return to Claddagh Irish Pub & Restaurant for optional Breakfast, Beer, cold and hot light beverages, Holiday Music & More Hospitality. Claddagh is also inviting reservations for their fabulous Thanksgiving Day Buffet that will be served from 10 AM - 4 PM. Make your reservation early with the Claddagh for this always-a-sell-out Thanksgiving Day Buffet.

Thank you to the staff of the Claddagh Irish Pub for your fabulous fare & friendly hospitality to our runners, walkers, volunteers and guests!

Enjoy the inspiration and historical instruction in a 5 minute video titled Lincoln and Thanksgiving: The Origin of an American Holiday

Race Morning Schedule @ Claddaugh Irish Pub in Maple Grove

6:15 AM - CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) Volunteers set up course, finish line & indoor registration @ inside the Claddaugh Irish Pub Restaurant right near and between the start and finish lines.

More CCREW volunteers welcome; RSVP to CC Coach or 612-245-9160 & join our Happy CCREW.

6:45 AM - Pre-registered Check-in, shirt & bib # pick-up & Race Day registration opens

      Race day $50 entry includes shirt and breakfast as available (See no event shirt and/or no breakfast options for savings)

7:45 AM - Registration Closes & Start Line Assembles for Pre-race Announcements

8 AM - START!Post-race Claddaugh Irish handy breakfast sandwiches, beer, cold and hot light beverages and holiday music await registered participants and CCREW volunteers. This will be a great time to talk with one another, talk about so much for which we’re grateful, make new friends, and share your love for running and walking with faithful, loving family and friends.

9:15 AM - CCREW begins clean-up and then will join runners for Irish breakfast and fun.

Always Celebrating the Virtues of the Claddaugh - Active Friendship/Love/Loyalty

by sharing RxExercise run & walk followed by the hospitality of the Claddaugh Irish Pub

Cheerful, welcoming CCREW volunteers, festive motivation music, announcer, classy ThanksGiving 5k shirt, holiday costumes welcome, free/convenient parking

Commemorative “ThanksGiving - GivingThanks 5k” long sleeve shirt that will remind each of us to keep a healthful “Attitude of Gratitude” every day throughout the coming year.


2017 Thanksgiving Day 5k Race Results

Find “Miles of Smiles” photos at Charities Challenge Facebook Group Page

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2016 Thanksgiving Day 5k Age-Graded Race Results

2016 Thanksgiving Day 5k slideshow + theme music

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2015 Thanksgiving Day 5k Age-Graded Race Results

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Fun Families ‘n’ friends Holiday Tradition Actively Celebrating Gratitude. Holiday costumes welcome.


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For what are you especially “GivingThanks”? Choose to show on your shirt/jacket a sign “GivingThanks for ______

As with CC's wintry Holiday Run Series Events, while times will not be recorded the display clock will show everyone's finishing time, as will so many of the finishing photographs.


Enjoy the History of Thanksgiving Day at Learn more about “Thanksgiving Day” by searching through this web page, video, and review of the historical evolution of this unique American Holiday we get to celebrate together each November, a Holiday to which we can add our own new traditions, traditions like sharing in the Power of RxExercise at a special “GivingThanks 5k” at Como Lake with family and friends.

Net event proceeds benefit C RxExercise Events, Programs and Services. CC is a 501(c)(3) organization. You’re invited to make a tax-deductible donation in addition to your event entry fee.

Info: 612-245-9160;

Holiday Run Series Presented by Charities Challenge - Continuing CC’s RxExercise Mission & Programs