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12/5/11 WebMD Article: “Want to Live Longer? Fit Outweighs Fat”

Information and recommendations for exercising safely with a variety of health conditions.

Aerobic Exercise Relieves Insomnia – Boosting cardiovascular fitness improves sleep, vitality and mood for insomniacs from Northwestern Universiy by Marla Paul

March 9, 2010, from the Wall Street Journal: “When It Comes to Longevity, Regular Exercise May Be the Most Potent Weapon Against Disease

Long-term fitness ‘fights ageing’ Long-term physical activity has an anti-ageing effect at the cellular level, a German study suggests.

Don’t Let Arthritis Put the Kibosh on All Exercise (It Hurts More When You Stop) Achy knees and joints caused by arthritis are not reasons to stop exercising. Regular, modest exercise improves joint stability and strengthens muscles, according to the December issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource. Exercise also improves mood, sleep, energy levels and day-to-day functioning. Best of all, people with arthritis who exercise regularly report less pain.

09.11.11 – Walking Speed Predicts Cardio-Vascular Death in Seniors article from MedPage.  Summary: Speed Saves Lives…So train to be a faster walker throughout life to extend life. CC RxExercise Programs can help!

What Science Is Discovering About Exercise and Depression
Research suggests the depressed brain gets a boost from that workout.