RxExercise Worldwide Photos Challenge

On this page you are photo-stories of those who have “Taken the RxExercise Challenge” around the world.

Traveling is good for each of us for a variety of happy, healthful reasons, and the challenges of traveling require us to be healthy-fit-strong.

Take the RxExercise Challenge and take it around the world!

Send photos of you and/or family/friends wearing your CC RxExercise Challenge shirts around the world to CC Coach GaryWestlund@aol.com

and be part of a fun contest every year of “Where We’ve Taken the Worldwide RxExercise Challenge”

Here’s Coach Gary in a CC event shirt at Waimea Canyon “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” in Kauai. Gary traveled to Kauai in order to present “The Art of Race Walking” at the Kauai Marathon Expo on 9/1/12 and then race walk the Kauai Half Marathon the next day.