Train 'n' Travel

Imagine! Imagine signing up today & tomorrow crossing a memorable finish line in Hawaii, Dublin, Ireland, Washington D.C. and beyond.








Why Become an RxExercise Ambassador? Because…
There are NO CURES for all the ills associated with lack of exercise!

P6050069_2You can make a difference today & every day in your own life & the lives of others by Training, Team Building, Traveling & Telling your RxExercise Ambassador story.

BE YOUR OWN CAUSE…‘Cause Your RxExercise Improves Lives Every Day that you run, race, walk as an RxExercise Ambassador.

Begin your RxExercise Ambassadorship today & be traveling to a Great Ambassador Destination soon!

2017-2018 Great Ambassador Destination Events:


For more information or to talk with Charities Challenge A-Teams Coordinator, Coach Gary Westlund, call 612-245-9160 or send him an email.

Use the following printable forms to mail in to CC to join our team today.

CC Ambassador Registration Form, Part I

CC Ambassador Registration Form part II

CC Ambassador Registration Form part III

Inspiring Printable Promotional Flier of Great Ambassador Eventss

A Photo Slideshow of 2011 RxExercise Ambassador  Destination Events

See the RxExercise Ambassador Travels to Great Destination Events Photo Gallery